AIIMS director Guleria said on Corona’s growing cases, this is result of negligence

Dr. Randeep Guleriya

New Delhi: Corona Virus cases in the country are continuously increasing. Meanwhile, the Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the largest hospital in the country, Dr. Randeep Guleriya, has given a big statement on the growing cases. Speaking on Saturday, he said, “The biggest reason behind the spread of infection is the negligence of people and not wearing masks.”

Massive decline in healthcare system
Dr. Guleria said, “The reason for the increase in corona cases is multifunctionality. But there are 2 main reasons – when the vaccination started in January-February and the cases decreased, people stopped following the proper behavior of the corona and at this time the virus mutated and spread rapidly. ”

He said, “We are seeing a huge decline in the healthcare system. We have to increase our hospital beds / resources for the increasing number of cases. We have to bring down the number of Kovid cases immediately. ”

Dr. Randeep Guleriya

Life is very important
The AIIMS director said, “This is a time when a lot of religious activities take place in our country and elections are also going on. We should understand that life is also important. We can do this in a restrictive manner so that religious sentiments are not hurt and the proper behavior of COVID can be followed. ”

Vaccine will protect against serious illness
Guleria said about the vaccine, “We have to remember that no vaccine is 100% efficient. You may get an infection but antibodies in our body will not allow the virus to multiply and you will not have serious illness. ”

Need to do what was done earlier
On the growing cases of Corona in the capital Delhi, Randeep Guleria said, “We have a bigger spike in Delhi now than 6-7 months ago. There is a need to redo what we were doing in the past in terms of health infrastructure and control. ”