500 little gongs came out of eggs in Auraiya on Chambal’s lap


Auraiya (UP). The hatching of gongs has started in the Chambal river of Auraiya in Uttar Pradesh. Born from Kachiara in Bah, Kasaua of Etawah, and Kheda Ajab Singh Ghat to Pachanada, about 500 gongs babies have reached the lap of Chambal river. Bah Ranger RK Singh Rathore told here on Thursday that after the birth of about 500 young guests in the last two-three days, the Forest Department has increased surveillance from Reha adjacent to Rajasthan to Udaipur Khurd adjoining Etawah.

Asia’s biggest gong is Century Chambal. Earlier, the eggs of the crocodiles were sent to the Cookrail breeding center in Lucknow. Now natural hatching has been taking place in Chambal river for almost ten years. He told that along with hatching, nests and gongs are being monitored. The hatching of the crocodile will continue for a week. After this, there will be hatching of crocodiles. Premature hatching is believed to be due to increased temperature. Rathore said that after hearing the rustle from the nesting site, the female gong reaches the eggs and helps the child to get out of it.

The male crocodiles help them reach the river. Ranger said that a healthy egg weighs about 112 grams. Children do not need food for three months after birth. Gong babies tend to eat big fish, birds like herons, floods cause the most damage. Only about five percent of children can survive.

He told that in the year 2008, the project was endangered by the death of more than 100 gongs in the Chambal river simultaneously. Then foreign experts had to be called. Liver cirrhosis was believed to be the cause of the death of crocodiles. Since then the clan of crocodiles has been increasing year after year