1744 trains will run on old fare, general ticket ‘closed’, Covid protocol will continue


New Delhi: According to the big news of the morning, now as soon as the effect of Corona subsides, the Railway Board has taken a big decision to restore the trains to the pre-Corona condition. Yes, if the officials of the Railway Board are to be believed, then for two-four days all the important trains will start running from the normal numbers, that is, zero will be removed from these numbers. Apart from this, in some trains where the fare was increased after being a special class, it will also be returned as before.

Along with this, now the Railway Board has made it clear that the necessary Kovid protocol will be followed in the trains. That is, no one will be allowed to travel without reservation. At the same time, no blankets, sheets or pillows will be given during the journey.

The railway will be restored to its former condition
In this regard, an important order has been issued in this regard by the Railway Board late last night. Let us inform you that at present, 1744 trains are being operated including Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto, Mail, and Express. At present all these trains are running as special trains. That is, there is a zero before the number. But soon these trains will now start running on normal numbers.

Apart from this, the fare was increased after some trains became special, according to the Ministry of Railways, now this fare will also be the same as before Corona. That is, now all trains will be restored to the conditions before Corona. According to the Railway Board, it may take 2 to 4 days to update the software at present. After this, all trains will be restored in the conditions before Corona.

An order issued by Railway Board
At the same time, it has also been clarified in this order issued by the Railway Board that the necessary Kovid protocol will be fully followed. That is, even now the second class will not be allowed to walk without reservation. Apart from this, blankets, sheets, pillows given during the journey in trains will still not be given, as was happening during the Corona period. However, even now, nothing has been clarified in this order regarding the concession given by the Railway Board to many categories.