15 years of 26/11: Remembering the dark night of terror that shook Mumbai and India

15 years of 26-11-Mumbai

New Delhi: India will never forget the date of 26 November 2008, when the country witnessed one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in its history. Today, on the 15th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, the nation pays tribute to the victims and the martyrs who lost their lives in the carnage. The wounds of that night are still fresh in our minds, as we recall how 10 terrorists from Pakistan unleashed a reign of terror in the dream city of Mumbai.

The attack was planned and executed by the Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, with the help of their handlers across the border. The terrorists used the sea route to enter Mumbai, and hijacked an Indian fishing boat, killing its crew. They then reached the Colaba fish market around 8 pm and took taxis to their targets. They were divided into pairs, and each pair had a specific mission.

The targets included some of the most iconic and secure places in Mumbai, such as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station, the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, the Nariman House, and the Leopold Cafe. The terrorists opened fire indiscriminately at the unsuspecting crowds, and also lobbed grenades and planted bombs at various locations. They also took hostages at the hotels and the Nariman House and engaged in a fierce gun battle with the security forces.

The attack lasted for nearly 60 hours and claimed the lives of 166 people, including 18 brave security personnel. More than 300 people were also injured in the mayhem. The only terrorist who was captured alive was Ajmal Kasab, who was later hanged to death after a fair trial. The rest of the terrorists were killed by the National Security Guard (NSG) commandos, who were called in to end the siege. The NSG commandos, along with the Mumbai police, displayed exemplary courage and bravery in the face of the enemy and saved the country from a bigger disaster.

The 26/11 Mumbai attack was a dark chapter in the history of India, and a reminder of the threat of terrorism that looms over the world. The attack also exposed the security and intelligence system loopholes, prompting the government to take several measures to strengthen the coastal and internal security. The attack also brought the people of Mumbai and India together, as they showed resilience and solidarity in the face of adversity. The attack also drew international condemnation and put pressure on Pakistan to act against the perpetrators of the crime.

15 years of 26-11-Mumbai

The 26/11 Mumbai attack will always be remembered as a day of infamy, but also as a day of heroism. The sacrifice of the martyrs, the bravery of the survivors, and the spirit of the city will always inspire us to fight against the forces of evil and to uphold the values of peace, harmony, and democracy.