14 more people found infected with new corona strain in India, 8 patients in Delhi alone

new corona strain

New Delhi: 14 more Coronavirus New Strain cases have been found in India. With this, the number of people infected with this new strain has reached 20. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Kalyana gave this information on Wednesday morning. Let us know that on Tuesday, 6 cases of UK strain of Covid were found. It was told that out of the total 20 cases, 8 belong to the national capital Delhi.

The ministry said, ‘A total of 107 samples were examined on Tuesday, including 14 in NCDC Delhi, 7 in Kalyani near NIBG Kolkata, 50 in NIV Pune, 15 in Nimhans, 15 in CCMB, 6 in IGIB. Of these, 8 have been found infected in Kalyani, 1, NIV Pune, 7 Nimhans, 2 CCAB, 1 IGIB near Delhi, 1 Kolkata. Genome sequencing of all these infections revealed that they were infected with a new form of the virus.

new corona strain

Detection and genome sequencing of all travelers from abroad
On the other hand, amidst cases of people infected with the virus being redesigned, the government has decided that all those international travelers will be part of the ‘genome sequencing’ that reached India from December 9 to 22 and have been found infected with the coronavirus. The center is doing this exercise so that it can be ascertained whether these people are not infected with the new type of virus which has been recently found in Britain.
According to the Union Health Ministry’s Guidelines on ‘Genome Sequencing’, other passengers will be seen by the State and District Monitoring Officers and they will be screened as per ICMR guidelines from the fifth to the 10th day of their arrival in India, even if They do not show any symptoms.

If found infected, they will be part of genome sequencing – MOHFW
The document related to the ‘genome sequencing’ guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health states, “All international travelers who have arrived in India in the last 14 days (from 9 to 22 December), if they have symptoms and are found to be infected, they will be able to use genome sequencing. Will be part.

According to the Airport Authority of India, a total of 10.44 lakh international passengers have visited and visited India in November this year. The new type of Coronavirus found in Britain has been found so far in Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Japan, Lebanon, and Singapore.

The Ministry of Health has set up an Indian ‘SARS-Cove-2 Genomics Consortium’ for laboratory and pandemic surveillance and the expansion of the entire ‘genome sequencing’ of coronavirus in the country and to understand how the virus is spread and its origin. Is like

India has prepared a pre-activated strategy to detect and prevent new strains of the virus. This includes temporarily halting all flights arriving from the UK from midnight on 23 December to 31 December and mandating RT-PCR screening of all air travelers returning from the UK.

The central government has identified 10 regional laboratories where five percent of their samples infected with Covid-19 will be sent for ‘genome sequencing’ to detect new types of coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has already released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for monitoring and response in the context of a new type of SARS-Cove-2. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that international travelers arriving in India are properly screened so that new types of viruses can be detected early.