10 thousand metric tons of Ghee stock deposited: Rajasthan Dairy Association


Jaipur:The lock-down is affecting heavily on the dairy associations of the state. Dairy associations have a stock of 10 thousand metric tons of ghee. Consuming it has now become a big challenge and the officials of dairy associations have started to sweat. Due to the limitation of wedding ceremonies and the closure of temples and hotel-restaurants, the dairy associations did not sell enough quantity of ghee. Now things like this are going bad.

However, dairy officials say that attention is being paid to its marketing and there will be no chance of ghee getting spoiled. According to RCDF General Manager Jaidev Singh, about 10 thousand metric tons of ghee have been stocked with 21 district milk unions of the state. Out of this, Jaipur Dairy alone has about 5 thousand metric tons of ghee. Bulk sales of ghee have been affected due to the closure of wedding ceremonies and hotel-restaurants. But now efforts are being made to consume the consumer packs by increasing sales. According to dairy officials, due to less sales of ghee in the last three months, the dairy unions have got an additional stock of about 3000 metric tons of ghee.

During the lockdown, the arrival of milk in dairy unions was high but the sales of milk decreased significantly. On the other hand, instructions were given to dairy associations from the state government that they should not refuse to take milk from cattle herders. In such a situation, the milk that came in the dairies was consumed by making ghee and powder. Marketing of Ghee and SMP is responsible for Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation. Most ghee is sold between April and June. But due to the lockdown, this time the sale of ghee came to a standstill.