1.32 lakh corona cases found in 24 hours, 3207 patients died

corona cases 2 June

New Delhi: The second wave of Coronavirus in the country seems to be weakening. In the last 24 hours, the corona report of 1 lakh 32 thousand 788 people across the country came positive. During this, 3207 people also died due to infection. However, 2 lakh 31 thousand 456 infected were also cured. On Tuesday, a maximum of 35 thousand 949 people defeated Corona in Maharashtra. 31,683 people recovered in Tamil Nadu, 29,271 in Karnataka, and 24,117 in Kerala.

According to the Ministry of Health, so far 2 crores 83 lakh 7 thousand 832 cases of corona have been registered in the country. So far 3 lakh 35 thousand 102 people have died due to this virus. So far 2 crores 61 lakh 79 thousand 85 people have been recovered from this virus. At present, 17 lakh 93 thousand 645 people are being treated. That is, they are active patients of Corona.

Most deaths in these states in May The deaths due to corona in May raised such concern of Delhi, Punjab, and Uttarakhand that the highest death rates were seen in the country. Delhi recorded a 2.9% Kovid Mortality Rate (CFR) in May, which is the highest among the major states of the country. This is more than double the national average (1.3%) during the same month. In addition, two other states, Punjab (2.8%) and Uttarakhand (2.7%) recorded more than double the national average. In this way, May has proved to be the deadliest month of the epidemic.

condition of major states affected by corona
Maharashtra: 14,123 people were found infected here in 24 hours. 35,949 people were cured and 854 people died. So far 57.61 lakh people have come under the grip of infection in the state. Of these, 54.31 lakh people have been cured, while 96,198 people died. 2.30 lakh patients are currently undergoing treatment.

Uttar Pradesh: On Tuesday, 1,221 people were found infected here. 5,625 people were cured and 175 people died. So far 16.92 lakh people have been infected in the state. Of these, 16.39 lakh have been cured, while 20,672 patients have died. 32,465 patients are being treated here.

corona cases 2 June

Delhi: On Tuesday, 623 people were found corona positive in Delhi. 1,423 people were cured and 62 died. So far 14.26 lakh people have come under the grip of infection. Of these, 13.92 lakh people have been cured, while 24,299 patients have died. 10,178 are being treated here.

Rajasthan: 1,002 people were found corona infected here on Tuesday. 6,114 people were cured and 65 died. So far 9.40 lakh people have been affected by the infection in the state. Of these, 8.95 lakh people have been cured, while 8,450 patients have died. Presently 37,477 patients are undergoing treatment.

In 22 days the infection rate decreased from 25 to 6.6 percent
Corona infection is continuously decreasing. Within the last 22 days, the infection rate has come down from 24.8 percent to 6.6 percent on Tuesday. Along with this, the number of new infections and deaths is also continuously decreasing. The number of people recovering is increasing, due to which the number of active patients is decreasing. According to the World Health Organization, if the infection rate falls below five percent, then it is considered largely controllable. In this way, the situation is likely to come under control in the next few days.

Cases are decreasing in the world
The speed of corona is now decreasing across the world. The corona report of 3 lakh 58 thousand 179 people in the world have come positive on the last day. On the previous day, 7,869 people died due to a corona infection. So far more than 17.14 crore people of corona in the world have been infected with the coronavirus. Of these, more than 35.64 lakh people have died. 15.39 crore people have defeated Corona. At present, 1.41 crore people are being treated.