You will be safe from all diseases like cancer with these yoga technics

Indian Yoga

Humans have lost their connection with nature and self due to a runaway lifestyle. For this reason, many diseases and bereavements are born in life. We also do not have time to do yoga regularly or take any other measures to stay healthy. Thinking this, we suggest some of the Yama, Niyam, and Asanas of yoga, through which you can keep your body and mind healthy by doing instant yoga.

  1. Samyam – 25 out of 24 hours, you will be in control of your mind. Revert this situation with restraint because moderation is tenacity. In the typical language, to be determined, to insist or to persist. If you are addicted and not restrained, you will not be able to leave it till you die. Similarly, there is also a habit of tempering or speaking more. This means that diseases arise in the body due to addiction and anger.

You can start moderation with a small resolution. Take a pledge that from today onwards I will do what I want. I want to be happy, to be healthy, and to be the best. Restraint can also be achieved by fasting. Diet and eating, sleep-awakening and silence, and in the state of excessive speaking, health and salvation occur only through restraint. If there is no restraint then Yama, Niyam, Asan, etc. all prove to be futile.

  1. God Pranidhan– According to Yoga, God Pranidhan also means to remain firm to one goddess or deity or to be monotheistic. Over life, by putting the mind on one, and being devoted to it, the mind starts to become determined, full of thought and fearless. It is very important for the success of life. A person who believes in planetary constellations, innumerable deities, tantra-mantras, and all kinds of superstitions, his entire life is spent in confusion, disorientation, and contradictions. This leads to decisionlessness. You must be thinking that what is needed then it is very important because this will strengthen your mind. Only a strong mind will be able to deal with every kind of situation.

3-Organ operation – organ operation is also called subtle exercise. This is done before the introduction of rugs. This makes the body ready to do the posture. Under the subtle exercise, the eyes, neck, shoulders, heel-paws of the hands and feet, knees, buttocks, axes, etc. all have better surgery, which we can do in a short period of time. It does not require any extra time. You can do it anywhere in your home or office by learning the movement of a yoga teacher.

  1. Pranayama– If you add anulom-antonym pranayama to it while operating the organ, it will in a way purify your inner organs and subtle nerves. Whenever you get a chance, learn Pranayama well.
  2. Meditation– Nowadays everyone is getting to know about meditation too. Meditation works to restore our energy again, so you can meditate anywhere for only five minutes. It can be done in any comfort zone in the bed itself, especially while sleeping and getting up.
  3. Yoga massage and bath– Yoga massage and bathing have many stages. Once in at least three months, by doing massage and bathing according to yoga, the body remains fresh again and remains young. It is able to relieve fatigue, anxiety, diseases, etc. of a person. Due to stress and pollution filled environment, a person wants to be light and refreshing due to this, nowadays its prevalence in yoga resorts has increased, but you can do it at home if you want.
  4. Yoga postures – There are two types of yoga postures. One Hastamudra and the other posture. You should learn the hand mudras and do them from time to time. The ten Hastamudras are the main – 1. Gyan Mudra, 2. Earth Mudra, 3. Varna Mudra, 4. Vayu Mudra, 5. Zero Mudra, 6. Sun Mudra, 7. Prana Mudra, 8. Linga Mudra, 9. Apna Mudra, 10.If your air posture.
  5. Yoga Band – In yoga, there is a description of many bandhas. But mainly 5 Bandhas- 1.Mulbandha, 2.Uddiyanbandh, 3.Jalandhar Bandha, 4.Bandharaya and 5.Mahabandha will be useful for life once you learn it well. You will be surprised knowing the benefits of Bandha.
  6. Aasan– If you wish, keep doing only sun salutation in a yoga posture. Whenever time is available in the morning or evening. You do this namaskar at least five times. It will take only five minutes to do five times.
  7. Yoga kriya– Verbs in yoga are many. It is also a little difficult to do them. But once you take the time to learn which of these you find simple, it will be useful at some point in life. The major verbs are 13- 1.Neti-Sutra Neti, Ghat Neti, 2.Dhouti-Vaman Dhoti, Clothing Dhoti, Dand Dhouti, 3.Gajkarani, 4.Basti-Jal Basti, 5.Kunjar, 6.Nyouli, 7.Traka , 8. Kapalabhati, 9. Sounding, 10. Ganesh Kriya, 11. Badi, 12. Small conch bleaching and 13. Shankh bleaching.

In the end, if you start some of the above 10 measures, then these measures have the potential to change your life, provided you regulate them honestly.