World Environment Day: Why is it celebrated on 5th June and what is the theme of this year?

World Environment Day

Mumbai: Pollution of the environment is the biggest curse for human beings. Today a meeting is being held all over the world on the pollution of the environment. Work is being done on a war footing for a pollution-free environment, but human negligence has brought it to the brink. Where even breathing has become difficult now. There are many countries where the outbreak of environmental pollution has been clearly seen.

Today, environmental pollution is increasing everywhere in the country from city to village. Trees are being cut so much on a large scale that gradually the forests are also being destroyed. World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June to control all this and to make people aware of it. In which not only India, but many other countries of the world participate.

Let us tell you, in view of the problem of environmental pollution at the global level, Environment Day was started in the year 1972 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The world’s first environmental conference was held here. In which 119 countries participated. Environment Day also started from then. To protect the environment and to make people aware of the environment, on this day the government also runs a campaign like a tree plantation.

World Environment Day

It is worth noting that this year the theme of World Environment Day 2022 is ‘Only One Earth’. This means ‘living in harmony with nature is a must. Also, this year the World Environment Day conference has been organized in Sweden. Let us tell you, not only the government, but the common people also participate enthusiastically in this on Environment Day. With the help of social media, people keep sharing environmentally conscious posts. This time on Environment Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also address a program related to ‘Save Soil Andolan’ to make people aware. A ‘Green’ tag theme has also been organized at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. Under which ‘green’ tags like vegetable seeds, herbs, and flowers will be put in the luggage of the passengers.