Why Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May?


    New Delhi: Labor Day is celebrated every year on May 1 in the country and the world. For the purpose of honoring laborers and workers, every year one day of May is dedicated to them. Which is known as Labor Day, Labor Day, Labor Day, and May Day. Labor Day is not only a day to honor the workers, but on this day the voice is also raised towards the rights of the workers. So that they can get equal rights. So let’s know what is the history of Labor Day and the purpose of celebrating this day.

    Why Labor Day is celebrated on 1st May?
    The movement started in America on 1 May 1886. In this movement, the workers of America had come to the streets and they started raising their voices for their rights. The reason for such movement was the working hours as laborers were made to work for 15-15 hours a day. In the midst of the agitation, the police opened fire on the workers and many workers lost their lives. At the same time, more than 100 workers were injured. Three years after this movement, in 1889, the meeting of the International Socialist Conference was held. In it was decided that only 8 hours of work would be taken from every laborer in a day.

    Labor day
    In this conference itself, it was proposed to celebrate Labor Day on 1st May. Along with this, it was also decided to give holiday on 1st May every year. This rule was implemented in many countries after the regulation of workers working eight hours in America.

    When did it start in India?
    Even though there has been a proposal to celebrate Labor Day on May 1, 1889, in America. But it came to India after about 34 years. In India, the celebration of Labor Day started on 1st May 1923 in Chennai. This decision was taken under the chairmanship of the Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan. This meeting got the support of many organizations and social parties. Those who were raising their voice against the atrocities and exploitation of laborers. The Left was leading it.


    What is the purpose of labor day?
    The purpose of celebrating Labor Day every year on May 1 is to honor the achievements and contributions of laborers and workers. Along with this, we have to raise our voices for the rights and rights of the laborers and stop the exploitation. On this day, employees are given a day off in many organizations.