Why is ‘World Television Day’ celebrated, know interesting history

World Television Day

World Television Day is celebrated every year on 21 November. Television plays an important role in communication and connecting people all over the world. This day is celebrated all over the world every year to underline its importance. Because television is a medium of mass communication and has become an integral part of our life, people get information about activities related to entertainment, education, news, and politics.

It is also a healthy source of both education and entertainment. It plays an important role in society by providing all kinds of information and entertainment. Let us know why World Television Day is celebrated?

History of World Television Day
The first World Television Forum took place on 21 November 1996 and the United Nations General Assembly marked the day as World Television Day. On this day, meetings take place at the local and global levels to raise awareness among people about the role of television dramas in communication and globalization.

World Television Day

Global Observation Day recognizes the role of broadcast media. Writers, journalists, bloggers, and others associated with the medium come together to promote this day. The interaction between emerging and traditional forms of television broadcasting creates a great opportunity to raise awareness of the important issues facing our communities and our planet. ‘World Television Day’ also marks the commitment of governments, news organizations, and individuals.