Why is ‘World Statistics Day’ celebrated, know its history

World Statistics Day

New Delhi: World Statistics Day is celebrated every year on 20 October. Let us tell you that World Statistics Day is a global collaborative effort, organized under the guidance of the United Nations Statistical Commission. This year the fourth World Statistics Day is being celebrated all over the world. Today, on the occasion of ‘World Statistics Day’, we are going to tell you the history related to it. Let’s know….

Know the History of World Statistics Day
In fact, the United Nations Statistical Commission in its 41st session in February 2010 proposed to celebrate 20 October 2010 as World Statistics Day. The General Assembly adopted resolution 64/267 on 3 June 2010, which officially marked the first time World Statistics Day was observed with the theme of “Celebrating the many achievements of official statistics” on 20 October 2010.

World Statistics Day

Subsequently, in 2015, the General Assembly, by resolution 96/282, declared 20 October 2015 as the second World Statistics Day with the general theme “Better data, better lives,” as well as to observe 20 October as World Statistics Day every five years. decision made. In this way, every year this day is celebrated under a special theme.