Why is World Population Day celebrated? Know the importance of this day

    World Population Day

    New Delhi: World Population Day is celebrated every year on 11th July. In view of the ever-increasing population, this day is celebrated to spread awareness about population control among the people. Its main purpose is to keep the population under control. Due to the increasing population, the problem of lack of education, hunger, and unemployment is also increasing very much. For which controlling the population has become very necessary.

    Let us tell you when the total population of the world crossed the five billion graph in the year 1987, the United Nations expressed great concern about this. World Population Day was celebrated for the first time on July 11, 1989, with the advice and consent of many countries. To make people aware of this, the government also organizes many programs from time to time. On this day family planning, gender equality, civil rights, poverty, the health of mother and child as well as how to use contraceptive drugs. All these serious topics are discussed and advised.

    World Population Day

    World Population Day Theme 2022
    Let us tell you, World Population Day is celebrated every year with a theme, and this time the theme is very special because the world population is about to cross the 8 million mark. In such a situation, this year’s theme on World Population Day is to ensure rights and choices for all with a good and golden future for everyone.