Why April Fool Day is celebrated on April 1, what is the story behind it?


On April 1, April Fool Day is celebrated all over the world, that is, Fool’s Day. On this day people make fools of each other. This day filled with lots of fun and fun becomes memorable for the people. To make this day even more special, people joke with friends, family, neighbors and many ways and also give them many kinds of jokes. On this day, whoever becomes a victim of jokes, is named April Fool. The beginning of this day (Starting Of April Fool Day) is not accurate, but it is believed that the day of the change in the French calendar began to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

April Fool’s Day is celebrated due to engagement with Annie.
Some people say that April Fool’s Day is celebrated due to England’s King Richard II’s engagement with Anne. The date of their engagement is announced to be on March 32, 1381, which people believe to be right and become foolish. From this day onwards, April Fool’s Day was observed. This story is mentioned by Geoffrey Saucers in his book Canterbury Tales. Apart from this, some people also associate this day with Hilaria Festival. This day is celebrated in different ways throughout the world.


April Fool’s Day is celebrated in France, America, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Canada and Germany. Whereas in New Zealand, England, Australia and South Africa, this day is celebrated till 12 noon. If we talk about India, then this day is celebrated with great pomp in the country. April Fool’s Day is more popular among children and youth. On this day, there is no law of joking. Also, people do not mind any joke on this day.