What is ‘Holiday Blues’? Know the causes and symptoms

Holiday Blues

Whether it is a child or an elder, everyone likes the holiday time very much. This is the time when everyone either goes on vacation to relax or create a relaxing atmosphere at home. But for some people, this season itself is very painful. For this reason, such people have to face a lot of depression or stress in months like November or December. This condition is often referred to as the holiday blues.

At this time, a person gets to see symptoms like loneliness, nervousness, and anxiety. This condition can also happen to those people who go out for a walk. Let us know about the causes and symptoms of the condition.

According to Very Well Mind.com, due to depression and anxiety occurring at this time, many symptoms like loss of appetite and weight loss can be seen. Symptoms include depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, feeling more tired than usual, and feeling self-loathing. These include not getting any pleasure at all from the things that used to give you great pleasure.

Holiday Blues

Sleep shortage, Many times some people sleep for a very short time, due to which more pressure starts on their mind and stress increases more.

Many times people make their bodies unhealthy by themselves. The reason behind this is they eat a lot of junk food from outside and consume too much alcohol.

Money-related stress
Due to financial constraints, a person can also feel very depressed and surrounded by stress and this can also be a reason for holiday blues.