Today is Constitution Day of United States, know important things related to it

Constitution Day of United States

America: Today i.e. September 17 is Constitution Day of America, the superpower of the world. The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of America. This Constitution of America not only tied the American people and the nation in one thread but also established an ideal in front of the whole world. The constitution is the foundation of every nation on which the system of the whole nation runs. Know important things related to America’s Constitution Day…..

World’s first constitution
Let us tell you that the Constitution of the United States of America is the first constitution in the world. It covers various important aspects. Which includes the nature of the state, rights of citizens, separation of powers, judicial review. This Constitution of America is in written form.

This constitution came into force in 1789. Since then it has been changing as per the requirement and is in continuous development. According to Charles A.Beard, “The Constitution of America is a printed document which is interpreted by judicial decisions, past events and practices and which is illuminated by understanding and aspirations.

Importance of the United States Constitution
The importance of the United States Constitution is high all over the world. This constitution has proved helpful to the rest of the nations in laying the foundation of their constitution. The Constitution of America has an important contribution in making America a major power in the world.