Today is ‘Constitution Day’ in India, know some interesting things related to it


New Delhi: Every year on 26th November, Constitution Day is celebrated in our country. We have been celebrating this day for many years. Let us tell you that this day is also called ‘National Law Day’. This day is very important for all Indians. Because on this day the constitution was accepted in our country. Today on the occasion of Constitution Day, we know some important things related to it….

Why 26 November is celebrated as ‘Constitution Day’
Actually, the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, but two months before that, on 26 November 1949, the Constituent Assembly, after many discussions and amendments, finally adopted the Constitution.

Know why Constitution Day is celebrated
There is a special purpose of celebrating this day. In fact, it was decided to celebrate Constitution Day to spread awareness among citizens about the Constitution of the country and to propagate constitutional values. On this day India had adopted its constitution, so the Ministry of Social Justice had decided on 19 November 2015 that the Government of India would start the tradition of celebrating 26 November as Constitution Day.

Today is law day
Today i.e. 26th November was celebrated as the first Law Day. And the story behind it is that in 1930 the Congress Lahore Conference passed the pledge of Purna Swaraj, in memory of this event, Law Day was celebrated. Now let’s also know the history of Constitution Day.


Constitution and its importance
The real purpose of Constitution Day was to pay tribute to Dr. Ambedkar, one of its creators and the country’s first law minister. The Constitution of India is actually an account of those principles and principles, on the basis of which the fundamental political principles, procedures, rights, guidelines, restrictions, and duties, etc. are fixed for the government and citizens of the country.

Interesting facts related to ‘Constitution Day’

  1. 9 December 1946: The Constituent Assembly met for the first time to frame the Constitution.
  2. The constitution was written in English and Hindi. In the original constitution handwritten in English, 444 articles, 12 schedules and 115 amendments were written in a total of 1,17,369 words.
  3. Prembehari Narayan Raizada did it in 6 months to write it by hand in beautiful calligraphy in English language. Whereas in Hindi language Vasant Krishna Vaidya wrote by hand. Nandlal Bose had painted on the pages of the Constitution.
  4. These original handwritten copies of the Constitution are kept in a special helium case in the Library of Parliament House.
  5. More than 2000 amendments were made in the first draft of the constitution and the final draft was prepared on 26 November 1949.
  6. Till January 2019, a total of 103 amendments were made to the Constitution of India, whereas in the first 62 years of the constitution coming into force, only 94 amendments were done.
  7. 24 January 1950: The Constituent Assembly signed two copies of the handwritten constitution in the Central Hall of the Parliament House.