These three Yogasanas will reduce weight fast

    fat will be reduced by the regularity

    Indian Yoga

    Nowadays most people are troubled by obesity problems due to wrong eating and irregular lifestyle. Body fat also deteriorates due to the accumulation of fat near the abdomen and waist. In such a situation, people try many ways to get rid of this problem but they do not get the desired results. However, yoga is an option that naturally reduces weight. Here we will tell you about the practice of some such asanas, whose regular practice will reduce obesity and the body will get into the right shape.

    Dhanurasana is very beneficial for the correct body shape. The entire body is used to perform this asana. To do Dhanurasana, first lie down on your stomach. Keep in mind that keep your feet at a distance and keep both arms straight.
    Now bend your knees near the waist and hold your soles with both hands. Now take your chest up from the ground while breathing. Now pull your feet forward. Now, look at the front, making your balance. A little practice is required to do this asana, so practice it slowly. After 15-20 seconds while exhaling, bring your feet and chest slowly towards the ground.
    Ardha Chakrasan

    By doing Ardhchakrasana, there is pressure on the area around the stomach. Due to this, the fat is reduced and your waist changes to the right size. Apart from this, regular practice of this asana reduces constipation, bloating, and other digestive problems.
    To perform Ardhachakrasana, first of all, stand upright. After this, place your hands on your waist and tilt your torso backward. Try to have your torso tilted backward as much as possible. Breathe and release for about three to five minutes in this state.

    Butterfly Titali Asana

    Butterfly posture is a very simple posture. This asana gives the right shape to the body. With regular practice of this asana, your body also remains relaxed. To do butterfly posture, first of all, spread your legs and sit up straight. Now bend both your legs inward.
    Keep in mind that both your soles should touch each other. Now hold both your legs with your hands. Now take long deep breaths in this state. After this, while exhaling, press your knees and thighs towards the ground. Now try to move your feet up and down like butterfly wings. Continue to increase your speed slowly. Keep breathing throughout this process.