“The Lost World Rises” A Novel by the Award-winning Author – Early release review

The Lost World rise

Dewashish Upadhyay

The Lost World duology is completed, its final installment is about to hit the markets in October 2021. The official release date is not been confirmed by the author but the target is the second week or third week. But we have the pre-release copy with us and it is the fitting conclusion to the first enthralling read The Lost World. The title of the second installment in The Lost World duology is The Lost World Rises. As the author claimed the world is expanded, and we have only one thing to add, this expansion is the best way to immerse into this world. Several new key characters are introduced. The author had made sure that his existing audience get a glimpse of this character in the first part. He has also added a bonus chapter from the Lost World Rises. The sequel is longer, deals with a lot of emotions, and of course the action. The pace of the story is fast, and towards the end, everything starts making sense. The author Pranay Bhalerao won the India Prime best Author and Researcher 2021 award for his work in the Lost World.

Pranay Bhalerao

The story of The Lost World Rises starts from the point where its predecessor The Lost World had ended. All the questions readers have had from the first part have been answered in this book. The length of the book is solid. The internal battles of every character are shown beautifully. The author does not present you with 4, instead gives you 2+2. It’s again a page-turning story. You won’t be putting it down until you finish it. The improvement in the interior and overall storytelling is commendable. We may not be able to discuss the story at length, because we don’t want to give away the spoilers.

Key take-away – Character development.
The climax.
Internal conflicts.
Well-crafted action scenes.
Thrills and suspense.
One-Line review for the book – A must-read, fresh story, and an enthralling read.
One-Line review for the Author – An emerging literary star.

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