Not remember the date of death of ancestors, then you can do their Shradh on this day

Shradh Tarpan

Pitrupaksha begins every year on the full moon day of the month of Bhado, and continues till the new moon of the month of Ashwin. This year Shradh will start from 20th September and will continue till 06th October. There is a special tradition of doing charity by remembering the ancestors in ‘Pitr Paksha’.

These days have special significance in Hinduism. On ‘Pitr Paksha’, pooja karmas are performed for the liberation of the ancestors. In this Shraddha Paksha, which lasts for one side, the ancestors are worshiped according to the rituals. The meaning of ‘Shraadh’ is to please one’s ancestors with reverence. According to the scriptures, those who have died and on the days of Shradh, ancestors come to earth and go to their descendants’ homes in any form.

In such a situation, if they are not satisfied, then their soul goes back unsatisfied. Angry ancestors curse their descendants. At the same time, if the ancestors go back happily, then a lot of blessings are given to the descendants, which brings happiness and prosperity to the family.

According to astrology, if the married mothers have died in the house and there is no knowledge of their date, then in this condition, they should be performed Shradh on the ninth day. Shradh of ancestors who have died of premature death or sudden death should be done on Chaturdashi Tithi.

If there is no knowledge of the date of death of ancestors in the house, then Shradh must be done on the day of Amavasya at that time. After Shradh, the Brahmin should take food for the satisfaction of the ancestors, considering him as the form of God, and get blessings from them by giving Dakshina.

Shradh Tarpan

Do ‘Shraadh’ like this
Shradh Karma or Pind Daan is necessary during ‘Pitr Paksha’. Pind Daan should always be done by a learned Brahmin only. Pind Daan is always done on the banks of river Ganges, if possible, get it done on river Ganges. If not possible, you can also get it done at home. Pind Daan or Shradh should be done during the daytime only.

In Pinddaan-karma, the Brahmin chants mantras, and worship is started by remembering the ancestors. After this, do a tarpan with water. After this, separate the portion of Panchbali Bhog i.e. cow, dog, crow, etc. from the Bhog that is to be offered. While giving food to them, remember your ancestors. While doing this, do not forget to request him to take Shradh. In the end, while feeding the brahmins, send them off with honor by giving them charity.