Must read, Pranay’s The Madness A Story of Love

    pranay books

    Dewashish Upadhyay

    A story spanning over a decade, between two characters and the emotional bond between them. As the title of the book suggests, it’s a love story, but has more than just a love story. The book is launched by the new aspiring author Pranay Bhalerao. And the book is available on Amazon Kindle and Amazon. The reviews for the book from the customers are 5 stars out of 5 stars till now. And people are loving the story, as the ratings are getting updated on amazon. The print book is published with, an Indian publishing company. The author of this book is currently working with Decathlon Sports India as an IT Technical Leader and has 5 years of working experience in the IT industry. And he wishes to write more books in different genres. The length of the book is 212 pages. Word count is near 35,000 making it one of the short novels. The book is also listed on the Notion press store, and being distributed worldwide through Amazon.

    The theme of this book is focused on two main characters Arav and Anchal and their bond, and how the madness drives them together is unraveled in the book. The constant back and forth with the present time and the flashback keep the reader invested.

    pranay books

    The story is grounded. The author also has written the part of IT life brilliantly. The pace of the story is consistent, it does not go off track. Everything in the book is connected with each other. The story has 20 chapters in it, and it concludes on a high emotional note. You can order your copy from here The author is also planning to release the next book which will be under the Fiction category and it will be a myths/suspense Action thriller. The book trailer has recently been dropped by the author on his youtube channel. The title of the book is The Lost World: In Search of home. The trailer is looking promising, and the author is claiming that this novel will be bigger than his first novel. He is aiming for the roughly 75,000-word count for this book, which will take up to 300 pages of the gripping action-packed story.

    The story is about two different civilizations coexisting together at different times and different zones, with different sets of ideologies. One civilization is living in the deep jungles and the other is so-called modern civilization. But there is a link between the two civilizations, and that link is Apoorva. How the story unravels and what thrills we get to witness will only be seen after the book