Little spider has killed King Cobra, everyone is stunned to see the dreadful battle


Everyone knows how dangerous and poisonous Snake is. In the blink of an eye it can kill humans and many animals. They know their hunting very well. There are many species of snakes too, of which the King Cobra Snake is a very dangerous and poisonous snake, but sometimes you get to see something that surprises you. A video offering a similar example is going viral, in which the cobra becomes the victim of a spider.

This video has gone viral on social media. In this video, the spider hunting venomous snake is becoming very viral. This little spider trapped the cobra in its trap and made it so helpless that it could not stand in front of it.

In this video viral on the social media platform, you can see that a snake is sitting among the bushes, then his gaze goes on the spider and he comes quickly to hunt him. As he approaches the spider, the spider strikes him, which makes the snake angry.

Then the snake and spider fight start, after which the snake tries hard to swallow the spider, but it does not happen. While the spider constantly tries to bite the snake. Eventually, the spider cleans the snake and kills it.

This video has been shared by Nazi Al Takhim on social media. In its caption, he writes that ‘the giant spider beat his death and ate the snake. Cobra hunt… King Cobra… ”This video was shared on 29 January. Everyone is stunned to see the little spider hunting the King Cobra in the video. At the same time, this video is also being liked a lot on social media.