Know why World Heart Day is celebrated on this day, what is its reason?

world heart Day

In today’s environment and polluted air and food, not only old people but also children are getting sick. Due to obesity, stress, intoxication due to food, people are getting many types of serious diseases from old to the child. The lifestyle of the people has changed. Due to which many diseases are happening to people of any age nowadays. All these also cause heart diseases. People are not aware of the diseases caused by their lifestyle and food. Because of this, now heart diseases start even at a young age. World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September with the aim of raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases.

Origin and significance of World Heart Day
Giving information about heart-related diseases to people by telling them about their food and health-related things. It is celebrated to make people aware of it. To educate about the diseases related to heart disease among the youth of today. Bringing about changes in their lifestyle and eating habits. that he could avoid heart disease. Therefore, every year on 29 September, this World Heart Day is celebrated to make people all over the world aware of the prevention, causes, symptoms, etc. of this disease.

History of World Heart Day
The purpose of celebrating World Heart Day is to make people around the world aware of heart-related diseases. The celebration of this day was started in the year 2000. Initially, this World Heart Day was celebrated on the last Sunday of September. Then in 2014, the date of 29 September was fixed to celebrate this day. Since then till date, this day is celebrated on 29 September.

world heart Day

What are the main causes of heart disease?
There has been a change in the lifestyle of people these days. Everyone is locked in the house during the corona pandemic. working from home. People whose physical labor has become negligible. Due to which obesity is increasing in people and the main reason for heart disease is the increase in cholesterol in the body. Increasing obesity increases the risk of heart disease. To stay healthy, you should do regular exercise. Do not eat fried food. Bring change in lifestyle. By adopting good habits, this deadly disease can be avoided.

In today’s youth, the risk of getting this heart disease is increasing due to their diet and smoking. Nowadays youth and children also consume a lot of junk food. Due to which excess amount of salt reaches the body. This increases blood pressure, which promotes heart disease. Therefore, today’s youth need to bring changes in their diet. So that he stays healthy and stays away from diseases like heart disease.