Know what is the reason for celebrating World Milk Day today

    World Milk Day

    World Milk Day is celebrated on 1 June across the world. How important is milk for health and how important is it in our diet. This day is celebrated with the aim of explaining this and making them aware to include milk in the diet.
    World Milk Day was started in the year 2001 to celebrate this day. It was started by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

    Last year, 72 countries participated in World Milk Day. About 586 programs were organized in these countries. Let us tell you that World Milk Day is celebrated on 1 June and National Milk Day on 26 November in India. Because on this day in the year 1921, Verghese Kurien, who is called the father of the white revolution and the father of milk production in India, was born.

    These 8 types of milk are special
    Generally, milk is sweet, and smooth, enhances the metals like ooze and juice, reduces Vata, and bile, increases semen, and is phlegmatic, heavy, and cool. The masters of Ayurveda have mainly mentioned 8 types of milk. In this, a special description is given of the milk of cow, buffalo, goat, camel, mare, elephant, donkey, and woman. Out of these eight, mother’s milk is said to be the best. After this, the milk of cows and goat is said to be more beneficial.

    World Milk Day 2022 Theme
    According to the official website of FAO, the idea of ​​World Milk Day is to celebrate the contribution of the milk and dairy sector to the world. “The benefits of milk and dairy products have been actively promoted around the world, with dairy supporting the livelihoods of one billion people,” the statement said.

    World Milk Day

    In 2022, the theme of World Milk Day is to draw attention to the climate change crisis and how the dairy sector can reduce its impact on the planet. It aims to achieve ‘Dairy Net Zero’ over the next 30 years by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving waste management to make the dairy sector sustainable.