International Nurses Day, know some important things related to this day

International Nurses Day

New Delhi: During the Corona period, when we were ill and the people close to us were nearing death, the hours that were selflessly engaged in our service without caring for their lives were none other than the nurses. Yes, the role of a doctor is important for the health of the sick or patient, but in the health sector, along with the doctor, nurses also play a very important role. We all know that during the Corona period doctors and nurses are called Corona Warriors or Warriors. During that time, along with doctors, nurses served people day and night. To honor this service, Nurses Day is celebrated every year in May for years.

Let us tell you that ‘International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May. Actually, this day has been dedicated to the contribution and respect of nurses. People understood the role of nurses during the Corona period, but the start of celebration Nurses Day has already started decades ago. Do you know why and when did you start celebrating Nurses Day? After all, the service spirit of which nurse was noticed by the people and dedicated to this day. Today, on the occasion of International Nurses Day, let us know some important things related to this day…

What is the Nurses Day of Florence Nightingale?
First of all, the celebration of International Nurses Day started in January 1974. The day is dedicated to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May in her memory. But learn about the reason behind celebrating Nurses Day initially in January and later in May and Florence Nightingale’s connection to this day.

After all, why is Nurses Day celebrated only on 12th May?
Now the question will be in your mind that when this day was celebrated earlier in the month of January, then why was it changed. So today we give you the answer to this too. Actually, Nurses Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of May. The reason for this is Florence Nightingale, who was born on 12 May. It was Florence Nightingale who started the Nobel Nursing Service. Therefore, now this day is celebrated on the occasion of his birthday.

Know who is Florence Nightingale?
Actually, Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May 1820. He served the sick and the sick throughout his life. You will be surprised to know, but let us tell you that Florence’s own childhood was spent in illness and physical weakness. In those days, there was a lack of many health facilities, due to which many physical problems had to be faced.

International Nurses Day

There were no power tools. Health activities were carried out in the hospital with lanterns in hand. Florence was always concerned about her patients. To take care of them, Florence would roam around the hospital even at night to check if any patient was in need. She used to work for the poor, sick, and downtrodden. Her nursing service brought a respectable position to the nurses in society. The Army Medical School was established in 1960 by the efforts of Florence. Advertisement

Started celebrating this day ‘this’ year
Let us tell you that in the year 1974, the International Council of Nurses announced the celebration of International Nurses Day. After that, on this day, the International Council of Nurses started distributing kits to the nurses working in those days, which include many things related to their work. Every year this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Nurses are honored on this day.