If down by intoxication of cannabis(Bhang) on Holi, these home remedies can bring you relife

    bhang on holi

    On the occasion of Holi, everyone wants to bounce, dance and sing. In such a situation, many people mix cannabis(Bhang) in the cold to enjoy the festival. Cannabis is an intoxicating substance that affects everyone differently. Some people seem happier after drinking cannabis. If you laugh, then you keep laughing. At the same time, some people sleep for a long time after getting intoxicated by cannabis. Many people feel uneasy of moving the earth or flying in their own air.

    Many people do not consider it intoxicating, but in many cases, if the intoxication becomes more, then it also causes harm. And if the effect of cannabis becomes more effective, it is not easy to destroy it. If cannabis has gone too much, then you can adopt these home remedies to get rid of intoxication. Let’s learn some home remedies to get rid of intoxication:

    bhang on holi

    Drink tamarind water:
    You can use a thick syrup of tamarind to get rid of cannabis. For this, take 30 to 50 grams of cooked (dry) tamarind. It is 250 milliliters. Soak it in water and after some time mash it and sieve it. Now add 30-50 grams of jaggery to it and dissolve it in water and drink it. With this, the intoxication of cannabis can come down quickly.

    Must eat sour things:
    Sour things have the characteristic of intoxication. Apart from tamarind, buttermilk, lassi, orange, grapes, lime, lemon etc. should be consumed. This will lead to intoxication soon. It is said that antioxidants are present in sour things, which neutralize the effect of chemicals in the human body. You can also suck lemon with salt to get rid of cannabis drug, this will reduce the intoxication quickly.

    Stay away from sweet things:
    Those who are addicted to cannabis should be kept away from sweet things or heavy diet. Otherwise the intoxication of cannabis may increase. Actually, glucose stimulates intoxicating chemicals in our body, greatly increasing the chances of intoxication.

    Hot mustard oil:
    Mustard oil can also cause intoxication of cannabis. If someone has drunk too much cannabis or has eaten cannabis and is not conscious, then it is not possible to feed that person something to get him intoxicated. In this case, heat mustard oil a little and put 1-2 drops of lukewarm oil in the ears of a drunk person. This will make a person aware. But keep in mind that the oil is not too hot, otherwise it can have a bad effect on the screen of the ear.

    Ginger is a panacea:
    Chewing ginger can also cause intoxication of cannabis by sucking its juice. If the person is a little conscious and can understand and hear the thing, then give him a piece of ginger to suck. This can reduce their intoxication gradually.

    coconut water:
    Coconut water is also very effective in relieving addiction. Coconut water, like citrus fruits, contains anti-oxidants, which eliminate and neutralize the chemicals that increase the intoxication and cause the intoxicated person to get intoxicated.