Desi Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Weight Loss

    desi waight loss

    Today’s man works hard to achieve success and to remain competitive. And in the same running, he forgets to pay attention to his true happiness “health”. If someone has the wealth of the whole world, but cannot spend it on himself, or cannot enjoy it, then it is equivalent to not having wealth. That is why it is necessary to earn wealth, fame, and property, but at the same time taking care of one’s health is also very important. Every human being in his life, 24 hours a day, must take out 1 hour to meditate on his body. Must Read: How long will you continue to ignore health?

    Well, our eyes often open about these things when we are already suffering because of our lifestyle. And obesity is also one such problem regarding which people’s eyes open late. Friends, it is important to understand here that obesity is not just a problem in itself but its relationship with many serious diseases like:

    • Diabetes (Type-2),
    • high blood pressure,
    • heart diseases and strokes,
    • certain types of cancer,
    • insomnia disease,
    • kidney disease,
    • Fatty liver – liver damage due to accumulation of fat in the liver
    • Osteoarthritis – joint disease, etc.

    Ayurvedic and home remedies for weight loss

    • Taking a glass of slightly warm water, adding one teaspoon of black pepper powder, four teaspoons of lemonade, and one teaspoon of honey to it, and drinking it daily in the morning reduces weight.
    • And if you squeeze lemon in warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and mix one spoonful of honey in it and drink it daily, then also the weight is reduced.
    • Cabbage leaves are very beneficial for reducing weight. By boiling cabbage leaves in a raw salad, or eating raw, weight is reduced.
    • Drinking tomato soup before meals or eating raw tomatoes also helps in weight loss.
    • Eat all types of green leafy vegetables. All these Ayurvedic remedies, do not have side effects.
    • Breakfast should be taken in moderate quantities. Lunch should be eaten on a full stomach. Because the digestive system is most active in the afternoon.
    • Dinner should be taken 3-4 hours before sleeping. Nighttime is for sleeping, so the digestive system has to work harder to digest food. Dinner should be low-calorie.
    • The food should always be swallowed after chewing till it becomes juice.
    • If possible, it should be eaten only after heating it a little. Heated food, or hot cooked food, gets digested more quickly than cold food.
    • And during the whole day, one should keep drinking water little by little so that the food gets digested. Water is needed to digest food. However, experts recommend not drinking water while eating, so drinking water while eating should be avoided.
    • Avoid eating preserved food. Reduce eating processed food.
    • Eat fruits that come in every season.
    • Enjoy all the tastes like pungent, sweet, bland, plain, spicy, sour, etc. in everyday food, because each type of taste helps the human body’s digestive system to digest food in a different way.
    • Choose a diet of roasted dishes rather than fried food.
    • Never sleep immediately after eating food.
    • Diet for weight loss / Home Remedies For Weight Loss
    • For weight loss, waking up in the morning and drinking pure water without eating anything is beneficial. And if that water is kept overnight in a brass utensil, it is even more beneficial.
    • By exercising and walking after drinking water without eating anything, the nerves of the body get energy. And the mind becomes happy.
    • Green tea and lemon water are also very useful for weight loss.
    • Regular consumption of green tea and lemon before breakfast or after two to three hours of eating in the afternoon proves to be helpful in reducing weight.
    • Drinking/licking a mixture of ripe lemon and honey can also reduce weight.
    • If there is no acidity then drinking diluted turmeric milk (non-creamy) at night also helps in reducing weight.
    • Triphala, Amla, and Harada are good for teeth and the stomach. If the teeth are strong then it will be easy to chew the food and if the food is chewed properly then the digestive system will be able to digest all the food properly, and if the food is properly digested then no undigested food will be collected in the stomach. Whenever the food is not digested completely then that diet gets converted into fat. That’s why take Triphala, Amla, and Harda regularly.
    • A diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, and beans is best for weight control. For example, eating cucumber, cucumber, radish, gram, moong, peas, papaya, carrot and all types of pulses is beneficial.
    • Indigenous spices such as asafoetida, carom seeds, black pepper, cloves, and curry leaves, if used in the right quantity in the food, help the digestive system to digest food. And because the stomach is clean, fat does not accumulate in the body.
    • Eating small amounts of dry fruits – almonds, pistachios, figs, cashews, and raisins every day provides proteins, and vitamins and also keeps the digestive system good.
    • Drinking water immediately after eating leads to rapid weight gain.
    • Eating small amounts of food more often reduces the work of the digestive system, due to which there is no indigestion and fat also do not increase.
    • Sugary drinks, sweet dishes, processed food, cold drinks, baking products (bread, loaf), and beer lead to weight gain.
    • Fried food, desi ghee, potatoes, flour-rich dishes, rice, sugar, etc. play the most important role in increasing fat.
    • Talking while eating, or watching TV, is very harmful, by eating in this way a person is more than satisfied with his appetite. He eats it and he doesn’t even know it.
    • Exercise and Yoga for Reducing Weight
    • Exercise is the key to a healthy life. Exercise and yoga keep diseases away from the human body. Provides inspiration. And the resistance power increases. The right confluence of a balanced diet and exercise makes the human body as strong as iron.
    • In daily life, stairs should be used instead of lift.
    • Should walk one to three kilometers per day.
    • According to Ayurveda Shastra, sleeping as early as possible after sunset and getting up before sunrise is best for the body.
    • Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Shirshasan, Mayurasan, Dhanurasan, Pawanmuktasan, Surya Namaskar, Butterfly, etc. exercises give benefits to the body very quickly.
    • Instead of watching TV and playing video games, playing outdoor sports like running and running burns calories.
    • Walking in light sunlight causes quick sweating. And due to sweating, the calories burn quickly.
    • Weight can increase even if sleep is not complete. Due to insomnia, the body keeps releasing hormones that increase weight. That’s why it is necessary to get enough sleep at night.
    • Mental stress can also increase obesity. Many people cry due to mental stress/depression, many people start exercising, many people take the support of counseling, and many people start eating more food. Afternoon sleep also increases weight.
    • Many people make a diet plan and follow it with the intention of gaining weight immediately. And along with doing regular exercise, they get good results. But once they lose weight, they tend to go back to their old reckless habits. And they increase their weight twice as fast. Therefore, once the weight is under control, discipline is very important.
    desi waight loss

    Keep these things in mind while losing weight:
    Modern times are full of companies advertising how to lose weight without hard work and discipline. Many people take such an easy route to get quick results and end up losing their hard-earned money. There are many side effects of quick weight loss medicines. And sometimes they can also cause serious diseases.

    Many times it is also seen that people keep cursing themselves by comparing their own bodies with others’ muscular/muscular bodies, or by imitating others and crossing the limits of the body to become thin quickly. gets harmed. Every human body’s composition, resistance power, eclipse power, and tolerance power are different. That’s why it should be understood that blind imitation and jealousy cannot reduce weight, but can definitely increase serious physical problems.