Boost happy hormones to keep yourself happy

happy chemicals

Everyone wants to be happy but keeps searching for the reason outside, while the reason for being happy is hidden inside themselves. Do you know that there are four types of Happy Hormones in our body, which are called cirrotonin, endorphins, oxytoxin and dopamine. Our happiness depends only on these hormones. If there is a deficiency of these hormones in the body, then we remain mentally disturbed, which affects mental health. So it is important to first boost these happy hormones to be happy. How can these hormones be boosted, let us tell you some tips.

happy harmons

Dopamine hormone is released when our brain signals that you are going to get a reward. Therefore, this hormone is also called reward chemical. Take care of yourself to boost this dopamine hormone. Focus on your beauty and on improving it so that you get appreciation of people. Eat food of your choice. Play a game and do things that the person in front of you appreciates.

This hormone is known for love. This hormone called oxytocin is very famous. This hormone is released when we express love or live with a person who is close to the heart. Spend a good time with your spouse to boost this hormone. Watch and exercise comedy shows. Embrace those you love. Message friends good. Play with the kids and your pets.

To boost this hormone called endorphins, you can watch a comedy show. Eat dark chocolate. Practice laughing. do the exercise. Read and listen to jokes. This hormone is called a pain-killing hormone, which can be relieved by boosting mental pain. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general information. Follow them Please contact the specialist concerned before committing.

Meditate and exercise to boost this hormone. Take a walk on the lawn and soak in the sun. Look at the flowers. Enjoy the natural environment. This hormone is known for stabilizing the mood, so on the day you feel low, do this job so that the serotonin hormone can be boosted.