Black fungus will also be covered in all health insurance policies, know why and how


The importance of health insurance policy has increased in the era of Covid-19 pandemic. The bill for the treatment of this disease comes in lakhs of rupees. If the patient has taken a health insurance policy, then the insurance company pays for it. But, now another problem is being noticed.

Some patients are suffering from mucormycosis (black or white fungus) during or after treatment for COVID-19. The good thing is that insurance companies have accepted that the treatment of mucormycosis is also part of the coverage of health insurance policy and patients can claim it.

Mucormycosis covered under all health insurance policies
Sanjeev Bajaj (Joint Chairman & MD, Bajaj Capital) explains that Mucormycosis is a serious but rare fungal infection. It is commonly known as a black fungus. Now cases of white, yellow, and even green fungus are also coming to the fore. All are covered under the health insurance policy. One thing is sure that the claims related to the treatment of these diseases can be settled as per the guidelines issued by ICMR, AIIMS, and Ministry of Health from time to time.


Clear position regarding insurance cover

  • Every health insurance policy has some permanent exclusions (diseases that are not covered) and there are provisions for a waiting period before the insurance cover for certain diseases. Insurance companies usually cover pre-existing diseases after 48 months.
  • There is no permanent exclusion or waiting period mentioned in the document of health insurance policies in case of black fungus. This means that the cost of its treatment will also be borne by the insurance company, as in the case of other diseases.
  • Black, white, yellow and green fungus, all have been put on the list of epidemics by the government. This simply means that all of them are covered under all health insurance policies of all insurance companies like Covid-19.
  • Some insurance companies may cover only general treatment for black fungus. There may be a waiting period of two years for surgery. In such a situation a difficult situation may arise. But, we hope that the insurance companies will not create such difficulties.

Some options also available
There are also some special health insurance plans available like Corona Kavach to cover hospitalization expenses in case of Kovid infection. Such a policy also covers the cost of corona treatment at home. If a family has a health cover of less than Rs 20 lakh, then this can prove to be a good option for them.

If you take the policy now, then there is a waiting period of one month
If you have not taken a health insurance policy till now and want to take such a policy now to cover the cost of treatment of diseases like Covid-19 or black fungus, then you have to keep in mind the waiting period of 30 days.