Baheda is known as an important medicine in Ayurveda


    We must have heard the name of Behera at one time or another. Some people will be very familiar with this name and some people will also adopt it in their daily routine. Baheda is known as an important medicine in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda Shastra, the Maharishi has described Baheda in great detail. Bahera is also known by various names. It is known as Baheda in Hindi, Baranga in Gujarati, Kaliyugalaya in Sanskrit, Bhootvas, Kasahan and Baheda in Marathi, Bhara in Oriya and Bellirica in English. In Charaka Samhita, so many qualities of Baheda have been told that if a person adopts it in his life, then by keeping his life healthy and healthy, he can make his life longevity.

    Chemical Properties – Its fruit contains tannin 21.4 percent, B-sitosterol, gallic acid, ergic acid, ethylgelate, chebulagic acid, glucose, galactose etc.

    Pharmaceutical Properties –

    1. Its juice is astringent and its effect is hot. Vata, Pitta, Kapha are the acts of panacea in all the three doshas.
    2. Being rough, light and astringent, it eliminates Kapha dosha from root.
    3. Taseer also suppresses Vata due to heating.
    4. It has been proven to destroy the best phlegm.
    5. Nasal, blood disorders, hair loss, abdominal, cough, leprosy, gout, eye diseases, various eye diseases, oral diseases, respiratory problems, stomach worms, hoarseness, heart disease, asthma, hiccups , Constipation, hemorrhoids epilepsy, dizziness etc.
    6. Make a decoction by grinding the seeds of Triphala, Rock, Salt, Bunion and Cucumber and drink it, the urinary diseases disappear and if there is stone, it is excreted by urine.
    7. Triphala in the eyes, the use of salt in datun, the fourth corner filled three corners in the stomach, and the person who protects himself from cold remains healthy and healthy.
    8. Fennel, cardamom should be consumed in summer, clove can be consumed in winter and Triphala can be consumed in all seasons. Always taking Triphala keeps a person away from all diseases.