Aloe vera is the best Ayurvedic medicine, see the health benefits


Benefits of Aloe Vera

1) For eyes – Aloe vera contains a rich amount of Vitamin-A and Vitamin-A is very beneficial for eyes. If you consume aloe vera juice on an empty stomach every day, it helps to increase your eyesight. Aloe vera fixes these problems if you have any problems related to the eyes, such as an infection or kitschy.

2) Lose weight – Aloe vera contains rich amounts of fiber and Vitamin-C which fixes your metabolism, due to which your real weight starts coming in front of you. Consuming it continuously helps you to get your right shape. If you are fat then you will start getting thin and if you are thin it will help you in increasing your weight.

3) Constipation – Aloe vera can be very effective for those patients who have constipation ie constipation problem. Aloe vera makes its digestive system very strong due to its fiber and increases bowel movement in the small intestine and large intestine, due to which the waste of the stomach gets cleaned easily and there is no problem in bowel movement.

4) Panchanatantra (digestive system)– Aloe vera is considered one of the best Ayurvedic medicines in the world to repair the digestive system. If there is any type of problem in your digestive system, you can use aloe vera to correct it. If you drink aloe vera juice in the morning on an empty stomach, then it is helpful in removing many problems such as weak digestive system, constipation, acidity, flatulence, stomach pain, stomach gas.

5) Diabetes – Aloe vera is also very beneficial for diabetes patients. Aloe vera has anti diabetic properties due to which Aloe vera reduces the sugar level in the blood while increasing the level of glucose. Research had revealed that it can also help to activate your pancreatic gland, which can help in the formation of insulin again.

6) Cholesterol – According to a report published on NCBI website, aloe vera helps in reducing the bad cholesterol in the blood, although it is not possible that just by consuming aloe vera juice, your cholesterol will be completely under control. For this, you will have to pay attention to your diet as well and you will have to do yoga and exercise as well only then your cholesterol will be under control.

7) For Heart – There has always been a connection between cholesterol and the heart. If you have a high amount of bad cholesterol in your blood, then it is bad news for your heart. Aloe vera helps to keep cholesterol levels under control due to its hypocholesterolemic effect, which reduces heart-related diseases and reduces the risk of heart stroke.

8) Arthritis – For those people who have joint pain or arthritis problem, Ghrit Kumari i.e. Aloe Vera is very beneficial. The calcium present in aloe vera makes bones strong and repairs the bones, while the anti-inflammatory properties in aloe vera help you reduce your arthritis and joint pain.

9) Stomach ulcer – Aloe vera is also very beneficial for the stomach. Stomach ulcer is a type of internal stomach wound that is caused by wrong eating habits. Stomach ulcer is also considered to be an early symptom of cancer, therefore it becomes more necessary to pay attention to it. If you consume aloe vera juice daily, it helps a lot in your stomach ulcers. It is not at all that if you drink aloe vera juice then your stomach ulcer will be completely cured, yes it is sure that the use of aloe vera will definitely help to cure your stomach ulcer but you must go to the doctor And you should get your treatment done.

10) For Mouth Health – Many companies use Aloe Vera to make toothpaste as it is known by big companies that Aloe Vera is very beneficial for mouth and dental health. If you clean and massage your teeth and gums with aloe vera gel, it makes your teeth and gums strong and healthy, while if you open your mouth with aloe vera juice then the infection in the mouth is also reduced.

11) Immunity – Immunity, it is a big factor to keep diseases away from your body. Immunity is a type of body armor that nature has provided to humans. If the immunity of your body is strong, then big diseases will not even touch you, but due to our bad habits such as not eating on time, not eating healthy, eating more junk food, not sleeping on time, etc. our immunity Weaknesses, but if you start drinking aloe vera juice, it repairs your immunity again and makes your body armor stronger.

Benefits of aloe vera for skin

12) Sunburn – Sometimes sunburn due to being in too much sun, that is, due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, causes great damage to the skin and the skin becomes even darker, in such a condition, aloe vera would be very effective to cure sunburn. is. If you massage your face with aloe vera gel before going to bed at night or after coming home from outside, then your sunburn gets cured and your skin gets nourishment.
Benefits and uses of aloe vera

13) Skin Moisture – Aloe vera has moisturizing properties due to which it maintains moisture in your skin. When you apply aloe vera on your skin, it helps to create essential oils by penetrating into the pores of your skin, due to which your skin is not dry and remains soft and moisturized.

14) Nail pimples – Nail pimples are very common in youngsters and youngsters feel very uncomfortable with this problem but aloe vera comes with antibacterial properties so it also cures your pimples. Actually, when you apply aloe vera on your face, its antibacterial properties eliminate harmful bacteria on your skin. At the same time, it also kills the infection, due to which your nail pimples start reducing gradually. If you want quick relief from pimples, then you will use aloe vera gel on your face, but start drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach every morning, you will get results twice as fast.

15) Wrinkles less – With time, the body of a person gets old and the skin also starts getting old, but there is a big difference between getting old and looking old. If you start using Aloe Vera on your skin, you can reduce the wrinkles and blemishes of your skin, ie you can return to your skin’s youth. Applying aloe vera gel on your face increases skin tightness and reduces wrinkles, for this, after washing your skin thoroughly at night and massage it with aloe vera gel for 1 month, you will see amazing benefits.

16) Wound Healing – Many times these wounds start healing quickly when they are injured or cut, but if you have low body resistance, then if you use aloe vera on your wound then it will heal your wounds quickly. Will help you Apply aloe vera gel on your wound daily and consume aloe vera juice, it helps in healing your wound twice as fast, and also reduces the skin stains caused by the wound.

17) Increase the brightness of the skin – The use of aloe vera will not make your dark face blond at all, but it will definitely glow in your face as well. Actually, the use of aloe vera gel on your face causes the deadsoles to end, due to which the real glow of your face starts coming out, and if you take aloe vera juice then it gives beauty to your skin from inside.

Benefits of aloe vera for hair

18) Dandruff – Dandruff is a very big problem in hair, but aloe vera can help you to fix it, for this you should add 2 teaspoons gram flour and one teaspoon aloe vera gel and two teaspoons lemon juice. Now mix it well and apply this paste on your scalp and massage it well. After massaging for some time leave it for a while and then shampoo your hair with cold water. Your dandruff will reduce to a great extent.


19) Falling Hair – Aloe vera is also very beneficial for falling hair, such that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties which prevents the infection of scalp, as well as the vitamin C found in aloe vera of your hair. Strengthens the roots. If you have any problems related to hair, then you must take aloe vera juice and you start seeing benefits in one to one and a half months.

20) Long Hair – If you want to make your hair long and thick, then you should start using Aloe vera oil on your hair. Aloe vera oil will be easily available in the market. Its anti-bacterial and antifungal properties will keep away all types of infections and the vitamin-C and protein in it will help to make your hair strong, long and dense. They also consumed aloe vera juice.

How to use aloe vera? / How to use aloe vera

There are 2 types of aloe vera you can use. First, as aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel is used mostly for skin application ie for external use, while aloe vera juice is used for its consumption. If done, then let us know how to make aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice.

How to make aloe vera gel? / How to make aloe vera gel
You will find aloe vera gel in the market easily but if you want, you can make it at home too. For this, take a piece of aloe vera and clean the top layer with a knife. After that a yellow layer will be seen, wash it thoroughly with water and take out its gel in a bowl with the help of a spoon, now you can massage the same gel by applying it on your skin or your face.

How to make aloe vera juice? / How to make aloe vera juice
When you remove aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice is also made from the same aloe vera gel. For this, you take 1 glass of water and mix 2 spoons of aloe vera gel in it. Now if you want to taste, add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and mix one teaspoon of honey. Your aloe vera juice is ready.

What is the right time to drink aloe vera juice?
The best time to drink aloe vera juice is morning empty stomach because at this time your stomach is completely empty and when you consume it then it

The digestive system is well digested and your body absorbs all the elements of aloe vera well, due to which you get the full benefit, but keep in mind that after drinking aloe vera juice for at least 2 hours. Do not consume anything else.

Side effects of aloe vera
Aloe vera is a very beneficial element. There is no denying this, but according to the law of nature, if something is used excessively, then it can also suffer losses, so let’s know that if you overdose If you use aloe vera everyday, what harm can happen to you.

Hypoglycemia – Many times when you start consuming more aloe vera, it reduces the blood sugar level in your blood too much which can be dangerous.

Stomach upset – Aloe vera is rich in fiber and when Aloe vera is consumed in excess, the increase in fiber content can cause problems such as stomach gas, indigestion, abdominal pain.

Other – In many cases, due to use of aloe vera, problems like diarrhea, kidney problems, muscle weakness, weight loss, heart problem can also be seen, but it happens only in very few cases and only when there is more of aloe vera. Are being used.